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Broccoli Bob is a hero for our times. We are slow at figuring out that the key to good nutrition is good soil, but Bob and his Organic Outlaws are out to show the young set that even though all the adds on TV advertise getting rid of pests the easy way, this comes with the price of killing off the vital, healthy organic matter in the soil. Besides having an important message, Broccoli Bob and the Organic Outlaws has artwork that is fun and whimsical, just the combination needed to keep the young ones' attention. The book is recommended for the 9 to 12 year-olds, but I think the 4 to 9 yr. olds would enjoy having the story read to them, and then they could follow the paintings and retell the story to their friends. All the veggies are portrayed in hilarious fashion; Bob and Gypsy Rose Leek are two of my favorite characters.
Michael J. Hamer (Greenville, NC)

Karyn Drum •

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