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Artist's Statement

Karyn in the desert

"Growing up in the desert southwest, the land of enchantment, the spirit of space permeated my soul from an early age. My intense sense of nature was instilled in me through my parents love for camping and exploring state and national parks, super girl scout adventures and many horseback desert trail rides. Perhaps it is from living in the desert that I became so aware of trees, how they occupy the space between land and sky, and we can walk among them.

Karyn in the swamp

But it was a kayak trip in eastern North Carolina, through a magical enchanted swamp forest, that set the whole thing spinning. The amazing distorted creatures leapt into my heart, took a bath in my southwest colors and danced onto my canvases. Whoa! They wear bad jewelry, know how to hula hoop and play a mean ukulele. It's a yeehaw, cha cha, sorta Vincent van Gogh meets Dr Seuss in the swamp kinda thang, and we have been doing this cosmic dance ever since.

Karyn hugs the Joyce Kilmer tree

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